Welcome to Praxilient

Founded in 2005, Praxilient is a management consulting firm in Northern Wisconsin focused on our clients’ strategic performance and improving their project results. We do this by taking the time upfront to understand the challenges that organizations face and then deliver solutions that produce meaningful results that fit the culture and state of readiness. Praxilient combines people (staffing), methodology transformation and capability development to give you just what you need when you need it.

 The Right People Make the Difference

Praxilient is the largest provider of certified project managers in Northern Wisconsin and provides flexible staffing resources.

Praxilient matches the right resource to the work. Praxilient’s resource selection process has been refined from hundreds of interviews with project resources to specifically understand the practitioner’s skills and fit for your work effort.

Improve Results by Streamlining your Methodology

Praxilient maturity roadmap process develops choices and goals for maturity that give immediate benefit and measurable results. Good methods are those that are organizationally accepted, effectively performed and always link activities with business results.

Targeting Performance not Just Training

Praxilient will enhance organizational performance with performance tools and appropriate methods of deployment that improves practitioner performance, develops effective leadership and provides the skills necessary to reinforce change that helps a team deliver higher performance.