Meetings, the Practical Alternative to Work?

MeetingsQuestion. If I could show you, in one day, how you could save up to half your time currently spent in meetings, AND make those meetings more effective and successful, would you be interested in learning more?

Before you answer that question, consider how often you find yourself stuck in meetings that don’t seem to be going anywhere good… but won’t end? How many times have you experienced “Meeting Frenzy”, where meeting after meeting never seems to bring progress… just another meeting appointment? As a Business Leader, Project Management Leader, or Project Manager, how much is your time worth? How much is the time of everyone at those meetings worth?

Now, while I can’t help you directly with meetings that others invite you to, I’m excited that we at Praxilient are now offering our Effective Meeting Facilitations Course. This Course will help you plan and run the most effective meetings, both freeing up your time and engaging your meeting attendees in constructive use of their time. It’s a single day Course, packed with everything we’ve learned about facilitating effective meetings, over our combined 100+ years as Project Managers and Business Leaders. The Course is a fun and interactive combination of instruction, discussion, and team exercises, based on Praxilient’s best practice Adult Education Techniques.

Our first (open to the public) Effective Meeting Facilitations Course is scheduled for May 18, located in the Appleton, WI area. The Course costs just $299 for a whole day’s tuition, comes complete with process guides & templates, and will be run by Mark Swiderski, Praxilient’s internationally renowned Project Management Educator. Mark has trained thousands of Students across 3 Continents over the last decade. Our Clients who have already taken this course are saving up to half the time they previously spent in meetings, while at the same time delivering more value, with clearer communications, to more engaged and effective teams.

Interested in hearing more? Feel free to contact me at, or call me on 920-246-3434.