Project Excellence Training

Are you confident that your teams have established, developed, and sustained key performance capabilities?
Praxilient provides sustainable Project Management Training and capabilities, at the fastest possible pace of learning.
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Praxilient's project management training courses help you take the next step on your path to Project Management success.

Project Management Leader

See demonstrated capability growth in how your team delivers projects and improve organizational engagement in projects.

Business Leader

Drive true business improvements through organization and change performance.

Project/Program Manager

Become certified or learn “how-to” use proven methods to boost productivity and facilitate results.



Determines which roles and which capabilities need to change in order to gain the new performance needed.


Specific demonstrated skills are targeted for each capable need.


Performance support is needed until each resource is reliably performing the newly defined capability.

Custom Developed Training

Our training approach uses 5 key principals:

Instructional Design

Instructional Design

We assure that for each desired capability you need to teach a role we use proven instructional design techniques:

  • Clearly define the Process, Role, and Capability needed
  • Create a course description that demonstrates the capability objectives
  • Create a performance map that decomposes learning capabilities into specific skills
  • Create content and a validation process that shows how the skill will be validated

Adult Education Techniques

Adult Education Techniques

Praxilient, Inc. uses mixed mode education designed to reach each adult learning style so that we keep the energy high, and provide a learning environment that meets each student’s needs. Facilitated learning is a key part of our approach.

Process Methods Based

Process Methods Based

Our processes have been researched, documented, and practiced in our consulting practices three key domains (Organization Change, Organization Performance, and Project Management Performance) as well as key soft skills (facilitation skills, conflict resolution, etc.). The methods have been deployed in a large base of client deployments. We can teach from your written processes, use our base processes, or find the best of both worlds.

Capability Development

Capability Development

We work with your organization to understand the process, roles, and capabilities needed for development and assure that those capabilities are performed in the training and education session. In many cases, we work with our clients to define the change, put changes in place, and build reinforcement techniques designed to maximize and sustain performance.

Track Record

Track Record

We have partnered with businesses in all industries and job functions for companies in the United States and for their locations around the globe. Our materials have been presented in English and multiple languages. We have delivered training to more than ten thousand people world-wide and enjoy long lasting and ongoing relationships with our clients and markets. Praxilient is a Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute.

Take the next step on your path to Project Management Success.

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