Project Performance

Project Management Maturity

The organizational perspective of project management greatly impacts project performance.
There are 3 noticeable stages of project maturity:


Project Management that focuses on resource maximization and efficient service delivery.

Cross Functional

Focuses on integrating departments to achieve measured results for customer and/or business goals.


Focuses on selecting the best projects to maximize enterprise and shareholder value.

Functional > Cross Functional = 10-20%+

Cross Functional > Enterprise = 10-30%+

Project Management Principles

Finding time to build the elements necessary to improve Project and Portfolio performance can be a daunting task. One client called it “Football Sunday Work” because it only seems to happen a few hours on the weekend after everything else is done. That is if the person assigned has the skills to document process and roles, write and deliver training, and build processes to grow and develop their team all at the same time.

We’d like to suggest… Stop reinventing the wheel! Use the proven Praxilient toolkit and its components. The components have been designed to operate together efficiently, by providing a simple support model for capabilities-based definition, training, and reinforcement, for all roles engaged in Projects and Portfolio management. Focus your time on driving organization change and performance, instead of writing the process (unless you have a month of Sundays).

Project Line of Sight™

Project Line of Sight™ improves business results of a project every time. An effective project process enables the development of Project Line of Sight™ to aid in benefit realization on projects. Project Line of Sight™ ensures that:

  • A SMART Project Objective exists for every project
  • Success Criteria defines a clear end of project; the products, value, and ownership to meet the Project Objective
  • Project Requirements define the details and measures for each Success Criteria
  • Deliverables define all tangible work products needed, sequenced, and owned to achieve the Project Requirements and Success Criteria
  • Tasks to complete each Deliverable are defined, owned, and completed by project team members

Praxilient’s Project Services ensure that Project Line of Sight™ is present on every project by enabling a standardized project process and making it a requirement for funding and prioritizing projects and programs. When implementing Project Line of Sight™ organizations have experienced a 20% to 50% performance boost in benefits realization.

Project Roles

Portfolio Management enables measured performance changes by identifying projects and programs (components) that provide a measured benefit and allocating resources to the highest priority and highest value efforts.

Effective portfolio processes assure:

  • Clear organization of portfolios and leadership accountabilities
  • Clear ways to find acceptable components
  • Effective ways to prioritizing components
  • Effective ways of assuring executing components are well planned and on track
  • Effective ways of keeping and leveraging gains

Praxilient works with your leadership team to establish a portfolio process and ownership, establish or enhance your process of component generation, and assists you in managing risk of achieving measured success.

Performance Tools

A complete performance toolkit is available, to support both Project Manager Leaders and Portfolio Leaders in growing and reinforcing Project and Portfolio Management capabilities.

These include:

  • Education by role that focuses on “how to” grow capability, not just how to fill out a form
  • Decision & Practitioner Guides clearly establish accountability and reinforce role performance
  • Selection & Evaluation Guides assist in the selection, development, and evaluation of performance, for each role and individual
  • Glossary of terms & definitions, to help establish a common language across the process
  • Control Guides & Job Aids that define policies and provide clear instruction in the process
  • Forms & field definitions make it clear how to effectively complete the process
  • Support tools, to help you assess, plan, measure, and improve team and individual performance

Project Process

project performance services
Project Services concentrates on flawless and effective project and program execution by enabling core project management skills: Initiate, Plan, Execute, and Close. Project Services takes your existing functional skills and teaches the organization how to perform efficient projects by putting in place simple, repeatable, process driven, and proven techniques that enable all process roles to perform better. It addresses the needs of organization leadership, functional leadership, project managers, and teams to follow a disciplined approach for performance.
Praxilient has decades of experience at cutting through the fog and putting in place clear processes, clear roles, and a common language for projects across the organization. Praxilient’s resources can demonstrate good project techniques or enable your organization to put in place more effective project practices that lead to better project results on every project.
Ready to take your project, organization or change performance to the next level? Contact us today to get started!